Visitors with the women and children of the B'laan tribe in Lamlifew, Sarangani
Visitors with the women and children of the B’laan tribe in Lamlifew, Sarangani


What we are working for:


Our Mission
To orchestrate harmonious, dynamic, cooperative and constructive partnerships with the different sectors of society to preserve and protect the amazing Philippine biodiversity using poverty alleviation as a strategy.

To use advocacy and media to transform the Filipino mind and inspire the Filipino heart into genuinely believing that taking care of the environment is the path to quality of life.


Our Vision
A Philippines with well-protected and enriched ecosystems where citizens are happy, out of poverty, infused with the right values, and genuinely love their country.


Our Main Goals
1. Environment Conservation
2. Poverty Alleviation through Secure Livelihood
3. Community Cohesion and Participation


Our Values
1. Integrity
2. Compassion
3. Working Together
4. Care for the Environment
5. Living a Healthy Lifestyle